In the previous article we have explored the principles of Facebook, what is the hook of this social platform, and different ways of using it to build a loyal following for your brand. Today we will look at Instagram – another powerful tool of social engagement and brand exposure.

Instagram first appeared on the market in 2010, skyrocketing to a whooping 1 billion users worldwide in June 2018. Here are some cool stats to consider:

  • 68% of Instagram users are Females
  • 80% of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S.
  • 77.6 million Instagram users are from U.S.
  • Instagram is used by 31% of American women and 24% of men
  • 32% of all Internet users are on Instagram
  • 59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram
  • 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram
  • 38% of female internet users use Instagram
  • 26% of male internet users use Instagram
  • 17% of teens say Instagram is the most important social media site (source).

So how do you harness the power of 1 billion users coming together in a single social platform? By deeply understanding the principles behind why Instagram is so successful, what is it all about, and learning different strategies of using this platform to share yourself, your passion and your business with your community.

Instagram is all about lifestyle obsession and inspiration.

We all have or at some point had that one friend who is always so happy, so cheerful, always supportive and pushes you forward, always has cool adventurous things going on, and is basically so in love with his life, he is busting at the seems with happiness, so he just has to share it. 

This kind of sharing is the bread and butter of instagram. Happy inspiring content. We all want to be around happy people who have so much happiness they have to share their vibe. We want the vibe. We crave the vibe. We get inspired by their vibe. This is why we get addicted to Instagram, we crave more. More happy vibes, more gratitude, more joy. Catching on now?

So if your business is a passionate venture, you will have no problem growing your Instagram following and spreading the word about what you do.

All you have to do is share the joy. Share what you are #obsessed about.

THINK: What part of your business and lifestyle associated with it do you enjoy the most? What parts excite you the most? What parts are you so proud of, you want to scream it from the rooftops? What makes you lose yourself in the process? What do you slow your whole day to enjoy?

Share that. Share openly, sincerely, and you will see people flocking towards you and your business really really fast.

While sharing joy and lifestyle inspiration is the basis of what makes Instagram an amazing platform to gain traction online, it can also be used in a number of different ways:


1. Teaser funnel

Use Instagram to show your audience “previews” of content on your site, products, events, your content on other social platforms. You tease the audience with short video clips to entice them to take desired action or interact with your brand.

2. Sales

Post catalogs of products, new product releases, trendy lifestyle photos of your products or services with a link to purchase / sign up.

3. Tv channel

Ever since recently, Instagram now offers IGTV – an exciting new feature that basically gives every user their own channel. Videos are full screen vertical, can be up to one hour long, and are automatically featured in the IGTV area of your followers.

4. Inspiration

Not only can you use images to inspire your audience, but you can make branded quotes graphics, have inspiring content in IGTV thread, post inspiring videos.

5. Updates

You can use Instagram for personal / company updates. This is an amazing way to share announcements and updates with your followers that makes it feel like a very personal intimate connection.

6. Videos

You can utilize video feature for inspiration, education, announcements.

7. Video / animated news feed ads

These can do really well if you make them visually engaging and target right audience.

8. Instagram story ads

New amazing feature that ensures your full screen vertical ads with embedded links to your site appear in the stories lineup of your targeted audience.

9. Live video

People love personal communication, thus video, especially live video is always a hit. It makes your followers establish a personal connection with you, can provide a direct channel of communication, and overall make it feel more personal and intimate.

10. Influencer ads / sponsored posts

If you are an influencer in your field, and have a substantial following, you could use Instagram to create extra revenue by promoting other businesses with your post. Additionally / or you could hire other influencers to promote your business in their posts and spread your message to more people that way.


These are just some ways to spread your imprint on social media utilizing Instagram. I encourage you guys to interact with this platform if you are not a regular user already, and think deeply about your business: how could you bring value to people through this medium? How can you share the happiness of owning a business, helping people in the way you do through your business, and your amazing life as a result of it on Instagram?

Just remember: people follow people they want to be like. So share your happiness, share your joy, and Instagram will be your oyster.

I hope this was helpful and you will be able to use these tips while building your empire. If you like articles like this, click here to sign up for more, and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Love, Katya <3